Cemetery and Burial Memorials

A memorial is the commemoration of a person’s life and we know that choosing a fitting tribute for your loved one is a unique experience. We hope that our offer of a selection of beautifully designed and crafted memorials can help you to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. We are also pleased to offer a design service to match any memorial you may have seen or to create something unique.

Our team is always available to speak with you and talk you through materials and designs which can be altered to meet your individual needs.



Memorial Advisor

Arrange appointment and a visit

We invite you to visit us at our beautiful grounds where you can take the time to make this important decision.

Our Memorial Advisor is there to support you every step of the way and will talk through the options that we have available for you.

Contact us on 01970 626942 to arrange a mutually suitable appointment.


You can browse our range of cemetery and burial memorials here: